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There is no stopping the man who can think from the end. Nothing can stop him. He creates the means and grows his way out of limitations. ~ Neville
One of the challenges of living in today’s fast paced, multi-tasking, don’t have time to smell the roses world, is that we miss the opportunity to see the miracles, the joy, the boundless good that surrounds us.
We rush from one thing to the next with hardly a chance to savour any of it. Our successes pass us by in a blur.

We’re flicking through life as remotely as we do our television and we’re missing the point of the whole shooting match.

Have you noticed that as a society, material success, the search for wealth, health and happiness and instant gratification fill our airwaves and are in our faces on every magazine cover? Life is full of winners and losers, based on someone else’s definition of what that is. And heaven knows we all want to be winners. Don’t we?

But what are we actually winning?

Each demand we respond to is really one we place upon ourselves and yes they might all seem to be vital to our life, after all that’s what we’re told on a daily basis. But this is how you and I reach saturation point. Lovingly called burnout.

Here’s a little secret if you have to convince yourself that this goal or that obligation is absolutely necessary when your inner self says otherwise, you should listen to your inner self. It knows best

Fellow the light IAM #FAM

The Story of Earth

Gather around the World Showcase Lagoon to witness the incredible history of our planet.

Part One: The Earth Is Born
Earth’s fiery birth begins with flames and fireworks erupting from the lagoon. Beneath a swarm of heavenly explosions, red and golden lights blaze on the shimmering waters. As the volcanic effects subside, a glowing globe glides peacefully across the waters.

Part Two: The Triumph of Life
Our individual stories culminate in one adventurous tale. The illuminated surface of the globe reveals the history of humanity and the achievements of our time.

Part Three: Hope for the Future
Comets of light race into the sky, before the globe blossoms like a lotus flower, revealing a torch ablaze with our dreams. A chorus of voices rises as the entire lagoon dances with bursts of joyous

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Wisdom is a key to wealth, health, and happiness. More valuable than knowledge, wisdom is gained by learning from the past to find solutions in the present. By examining the words of presidents, philosophers, billionaires, and thought leaders, any person can bridge the gap between where they are and where they are meant to be